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I think what you are looking for is not just a price machine, but a good quality and reliable equipment, especially in the wrapping machine.
And he good tension control is very important. The machine provided is material fix next to wrapping machine not material fix on the ring.
And we can guarantte a excellent packing tension for the coil package.
And all electric componets are international brand.
Two layers packing material automatic wrapping at one time.
If the tilter is not need, we can provide the machine with price

Coil Packing Machine

Hose packaging machine

Steel coil wrapping machine

Wire coil wrapping machine

Copper coil packing machine

Pipe packing machine

Cable packing machine

Tyre packing machine

Bearing packing machine

I received your quotation and it is higher than the other vendor’s option
I propose an option to reduce costs
Object weight: 20-150kg
Package width: 15-150mm
Package OD: 600-900mm
Package ID: 300,400, 500mm
OD-ID: <400mm
do not use PLC
Change all roller covered with PU by roller covered with steel (crom or nikel plated)
The machine consists of the following main parts
1. Coil loading tilter
2. 2500mm long roller table
3. Wrapping machine
4. Conveyor with scale
Basic description
Loading the coil on the tilter
Tiltering for coil eye to wall to eye to sky.
Move the horizontal coil to the roller table.
move the coil to wrapping sation.
Automatic wrapping.
Move the packed coil to the weighing station.